For starters, I know this has been done before as I DID run the search bar, but NONE of the answers were satisfactory.

So, I'm getting interested in becoming a pickup-monger, and couldn't find any info on the difference between regular and F-spaced pickups. This is important as I am looking to buy some pickups, and I need to know which ones will fit in which guitars.


Any and all intellegent responses are welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
f-spaced is for floyd rose string spacing. i think. regular is for other bridges, pretty universal for fender tremolo, fender hardtail, gibson tune-o-matic, stuff like that.
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no no no no no NO.

f-spaced means FENDER SPACED (well maybe not but its designed for guitars with fender type bridges, tremelo or not)

back then the only 2 guitars or w/e were fender stratocaster and gibson les paul. they both had different pick up types cus of the bridge or whatnot so tahts why we got the two.

so if your guitar has a fender style bridge (i forgot what its called but most fixed bridge non tuno o matic or w/e guitars ahve them. think strats or fixed bridge rg's.) get f spaced.

if its tun o matic get normal

hope that made sense

here maybe this will help

From the Dimarzio website:

What is F-spacing?
All of our full-size humbuckers except the X2N® are available in two polepiece spacings. F-spacing refers to the wider of the two spacings. For proper string alignment and balanced output, F-spaced humbuckers should be used in the bridge position on all guitars with string spacing at the bridge of 2.1" (53 mm) or greater. On these guitars, if the nut width is 1-11/16” (43 mm) or greater, F-spaced pickups can be used in the neck position as well.

Why are there two different spacings?

A long time ago (in the 20th century, actually) the electric guitar world was divided between Gibson and Fender designs. One of the differences between the two was string spacing. In general, Gibson chose a narrower string spacing at the bridge than Fender, and therefore the polepieces on Gibson humbuckers were closer together than the magnets on Fender pickups. When guitar shops started installing humbuckers in the bridge position of Strats, it was obvious that the strings didn’t line up with the polepieces, and if the E strings were too far outside, the sound could suffer. Our first humbuckers followed the original Gibson spacing, and we call them standard-spaced. When we released our first humbuckers with wider spacing, Floyd Rose bridges were very popular. Floyd string-spacing is the same as Fender spacing, so we naturally called the new pickups F-spaced.

How do I know which spacing to use?

F-spaced pickups measure 2.01" (51 mm) center-to-center from the first polepiece to the sixth. Standard-spaced pickups measure 1.90" (48 mm). Although some players believe that F-spaced pickups are only for the bridge position of tremolo bridge guitars, many guitars with fixed bridges (including late 1990s Gibson Les Pauls and Epiphone LPs) should have F-spaced pickups in the bridge position. Most tremolo equipped guitars that have a nut width of 1-11/16” (43mm) or more should also use an F-spaced pickup in the neck position. If you’re replacing a bridge-position pickup and you're not sure what your string-spacing is, it's usually better to get an F-spaced model. It is not necessary for the strings to pass exactly over the center of the polepieces for best performance, but it is wise to avoid a situation where the E strings are sitting completely outside of the outer polepieces.
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yea. i googled it. it's for Fender trem Humbucker style. it's for fender's humbucker.
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