Does anyone else think it's almost "cheating" to have something like a Line6 POD where you can download tone patches and have cab emulations, etc?

I mean, I can see the usefulness of it, but I mean don't people buy gear and fiddle with EQ's anymore?
totally unrelated, but i feel that way about keyboard samples. hold one key down and you can play any number of arpeggios...soo cheating.
I don't think so, but I could see why you'd say that. It's a tool, and a bloody good one at that. The 'Flea' settings are hilarious esp the one that emulates 'Sir Psycho Sexy'. The obvious danger lies in recording yourself with a fantasy rig, with effects you haven't got, then having to play it live. Doesn't have quite the same wow factor!
Not really, if you can't afford big brand cabs or like the tone of one for certain songs, it's the best way to go without having a crap load of equipment.
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It is tone cheating, but the fact of the matter is to my ear, you can always hear it's emulation. Yeah, it's trying to steal the tone, but it's in no way a replacement for the real thing. Think of it like this: some person could have a rig set up, and then some guy with a POD shows up and plays his emulated tube stack and puts the first guy to shame. Then a third guy comes with a real tube stack and makes the second guy wish he'd have never showed up.
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Tone cheating? Are you even being serious right now? Anything that will get you the tone you want, by all means go for it. Who cares that you don't need to spend a fortune anymore. Just because it's not the same old method doesn't make it bad. Change is good. But the point doesn't really matter because, like fitz said, it doesn't achieve the real tone. But, if somebody likes it who cares?
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I mean, I can see the usefulness of it, but I mean don't people buy gear and fiddle with EQ's anymore?

I thought people bought Line 6 Bass POD precisely to fiddle. You could fiddle on a Bass Pod XT Live for a month non-stop. I mean, the options are ridiculous. As well as setting amp parameters, you can blend in DI signal, model a microphone. On the Toneport, you can even model the distance the mic is away from the amp! If that ain't fiddling, I don't know what is!

TBH, one of the reasons I got rid of mine is because I got bored with fiddling.
i dont think its cheating, just as much as a drum machine isnt considered cheating. same idea aint it? press a button and it'll play something without physically doing it.

personally i see the POD as an economical and somehwat practical choice. get the sound without shelling the 2-infinite g's for it. however, digital will never sound the same as analog and tahts teh sacrifice.

u can think of the POD in other lights. it has so many effects players can fiddle til they find something they like. if they want the real thing there's no risk cause they've tried it before.

but, i dislike most digital tones, so yea.
PODs aren't that bad. Try lugging around an 8x10 cabinet and an 87 pound Ampeg or Mesa head for a week or two, and you probably wouldn't mind "cheating" with a POD now and then :-] However, I'd rather have a POD with a Sansamp DI as a backup, because I have a black thumb when it comes to computers/processors. I touch it, it croaks. Analog stuff's easier, you just keep hitting it harder until it works again :p
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a) Downloading a Jamerson patch ain't gonna make you sound like Jamerson
b) An ampeg in the pod ain't gonna sound like an ampeg. What you gain in versatility & price you lose in tone.
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I'm not saying that PODs should go out of production or anything - I myself have been tempted by the Line6 Bass POD XT Live - it's just that I always have a feeling that it seems like the "easy way out" or something.

Again, I don't want to vehemently go out and destroy all PODs so don't take it personally.
I like the POD's, but I, and I think everyone uses them, is aware that they are not the same quality as what they try to emulate. They can, however, be affordable substitutes.

Also, my band recorded our demo tracks with two guitars going into PODs, we got some supringsly decent sounds out of them. Of course, when we recorded for real using all tube amps and decent cabs/speakers the tone decimated the PODs.

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