till 2 days ago i with my classic guitar (Marria,she spanish :P rrrr) something like 3 years

2 days ago my dad decided to make me a suprise and buy me an electric guitar
(couse me and my budds opened a band)
well i didnt have lot of money to buy an ibanez or fender
for the price (and more some reasons)
i bought a iaxe393 Behringer

now i know, i know u guys in shock why i bought this "crap"
but tell u the truth... i see no other changes from what i played till now
(parkinsons at my boarding school...)

with this budget i bought this beuttliful guitar
becouse i needed the USB thingy couse dont have money for amp :P
(but my dad suprised me again and bought me an amp *i think the amp suck but i dont blame him for not knowing anything about amps*)

well she is really hot and i love her :P she will be with me for a year then maybe she will screw up and ill get better 1

just wanted to know if there are more with iaxe393 ppls here...
couse i need some help something with the usb thingy...

well pics :P

about the help
if any1 know
i manage to connect the guitar to the PC
and got it all work..
but 1 day later
i connect the guitar back
the PC wont find the guitar! and tell me its not recognize it!
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I got confused after the first sentence. Anyhow, congratulations on the new gear.
Be cool.
did some changes and clear it out...
sry i was to exited and then i just reliaezd i was talking junk :P
Well that guitar is USB so it'll do what it is designed to do. You might want to consider a set-up. For what you want the guitar is fine. As far as I know there really aren't that many affordable USB guitars.
i think the USB thingy is great
like i for e.x.
i needed the usb thingy couse didnt have money for an amp...
so i can use the guitar with my pc
esey and cheap
i sow lot of bad reviews on that guitar
but till now i didnt sow nothing wrong...
exept from that problem my PC wont find the guitar...
idiotic yes... this thing can made only from my wild dreams...
Is it plug and play or did it come with a disc? Are you sure its compatible with your particular computer? Go into control panel and find the detect new devices or add/remove new hardware. If it does finally detect it and its still not working click on the device/properties/troubleshoot.
well u got to install the "amp softwere"
but its allright 2 seconds and that it..