Snazzy Jazz was pretty sloppy at times and was off time in other places. The backing track was lacking, but I don't think I should crit you on weather or not you own a bass or drums. It was a solid idea and you had a decent tone, but it could be improved.

I didn't listen to very much of the metal one because I don'lt like to listen to metal, but from what I did hear the problems were simlar to the jazz one.

Crit mine?
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Snazzy Jazz was cool. I liked that backing track, kind of funny. I agree with wholovesthesun that it was off in a few places but over all i enjoyed it.

Destroy the Gameplan...as you said, very heavy and fast, it was off a bit at around 0:50 but a very nice jam. I wish i could play that good.

Please give mine a listen, either Porous or The Cords or both and let me know what you think. Thanks!