ive been playing guitar for 2-3 years and my pinky is still very weak. what are some ways i can strengthen my pinky?
using ur pinkyyyy is a start
instead of using ur ring finger use ur pinky for awhile
n do scales that u can involve ur pinky in
or play little things that stretch ur hand n u need ur pinky i did like
1-4-1-4-1-5-1-5 to get my pinky stregthned n after awhile of doin that i got used to using it
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Use it. Try doing trills starting in first position from the first fret (index) to the 4th fret (pinky). Start on the bottom string, do two hammerons and two pulloffs (preferably with a metronome set to 16ths), and move up a string. When you get to the highest string, go up one fret and reverse the exercise (stirll a hammer-pull-hammer-pull motion, just downwards). Continue this up the the 13th fret if you can, then head down the neck. Once you get to where you can go from the first fret, to the 13th, and back again, you should have considerable pinky strength. Needless to say, start at a slow tempo and work up.
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I have the same problem with my ring finger. My pinky is very strong and I have no problems playing 1-5-1-5 or 1-6-1-6 on any strings. But when I try to do a combination involving using my ring finger independently, I struggle. Try playing 5-7, next string 6-7, next string 5-7, and so on, on each string down the fretboard using your middle, ring, and pinky, respectively. It's a very challenging exercise for beginners or intermediates wanting to strenghten their pinky and ring fingers. Make sure you do it right and play with the tips of the fingers (you're probably thinking "Duh, I'm not an idiot", but this gets hard after playing it for 10 or so minutes and you might get lazy ).

This will help you with pinky/ring finger strength and independently moving your ring finger. It is very hard to move it by itself, but you can get really good at it if you play enough exercises when you practice. Also, scales should help you get better with all of your fingers.
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