Hey guys, I just started playing, I have a crappy fender strat, and I play on my teachers http://www.yamaha.com/guitars/products/productdetail/0,,CNTID%25253D60088%252526CTID%25253D600014%252526CNTYP%25253DPRODUCT,00.html

I'm really into metal and blues, but i have no idea where to start. I've been playing some tabs, but its kinda boring, and usually confusing.

For metal and blues: Are their better picks for each genre? Right now I'm using a .5 dunlop. No idea if i should use thinner or thicker picks, for each genre. So any reccomendations would be great.

If you guys could just help me out, tell me what would be the best way to get started, I would really appreciate it.

Melodies and rythms aren't a problem, I play alto,bari, and tenor sax (bari mainly) some sousaphone, clarinet, some snare drum, so I shouldnt need any rythmic help.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
I have been playing for one year in October. Your first year will be getting finger strength and dexterity. I did chromatics (1-2-3-4, next 1-2-3-4, etc.) all up and down the fretboard till I could do it with a little speed and few mistakes.

I then went on to scales (Pentatonic, Major, Diatonic) and did those till I could move fairly quickly. I added bends, extra notes, etc. to keep it interesting. For scales, this web page cannot be beat:


I would also look at some theory about scales and chords and how they fit together. My only concern about your post is the fact you got board. Learning this instrument (any string instrument for that matter) is tough and requires dedication and, maybe more importantly, determination. You can go about it differantly but you will find yourself frustrated unless you slow down and realize this is a lifetime of learning and that will never end. Take your time, your axe will reward you if you do .

Oh ya, I think the only reason I got bored is the fact that, I wasnt really learning anything just memorizing fingerings and melody.
I think soft picks are easier for strumming chords but thicker picks are easier on leads. Eventually though, it won't really matter
i recommend dunlop .73 picks there good for anything im a metal player and most people i know use them too. as for where to start im not sure i dont know the first few songs i learned it was a long time ago haha. i think i was learning simple pantera slayer and metallica crap
personally excercises and everything are good and all, but when your just starting out, I think its important to learn some fun songs. Things that make you want to play the guitar. Do pentatonic runs over and over get really boring, but once you learn to start improv it gets a lot better.

But dont just do finger excersices. Listen for a nice easy song on the radio and try to play it... I remember the first song I learned was kyprtonight by three doors down because I just broke up with my girlfriend and she hated that song... :P

But yea, you do want to do some finger excersices to make your fingers stronger. But we had a music class back in 8th grade... which was 7... 8 years ago, and we all ahd to play the guitar like, mary had a little lamb, and **** like that... I didnt touch a guitar for like another 4 years, haha, but now that im playing stuff I like I love it.

one thing is avoid bad habbits... if you dont know if what your doing is wrong, go to the beginners forum and ask, questions like that dont get flamed there. But deveoping bad habbits when your learning is really bad. When I first started playing I didnt use my pinky for like 4 months... which sucked because as I started to be able to play more difficult songs, a pinky can really help with transition of notes and solo's... so I really had to work on that...

and I started the habbit of holding the pick wrong. When I first started playing the way I held it was ok for down picking... but when I started to try to alternate pick...well it just went bad... I actually had to tape my fingers together with a pick to get them used to the proper way of holding them.

But also remember that a lot of guitar stuff is preference, there is a lot of standardize methods for stuff, but do what works for you... but that can be hard as a beginner, if you make a habbit of something, and later down the road it gets in your way, then well... you get the picture :P

gl and welcome to UG!
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u pay a teacher to help you get started and ur still askin random people for pointers?
picks are about 30p each. buy several in different sizes and thicknesses and see which you prefer. I like 1.5mm, i don't like the pick to bend on me, you can't play as quickly if it does.
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Ya. Right now I'm learning chords, should i memorize them or what? Also, that chord website that guy ^ gave me, is confusing as to what is what. Does anyone know of a better site?