Ones I've been toled "Don't give up".
What the fuck is wrong with me?

"DO NOT MESS UP! theres people you dont know watching now"

changed my life
wow thts profound
playing chords is lame, but its cool with a bunch of palm muted open notes inbetween
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this is the best when playing paramore
remember only lead guitarists get the really hot chicks - My friend told me that before he left with his band, it's my best and favorite advice
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schecter damien 7 is one monster of a guitar.

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Haha, my father... "Don't listen to an idiots advice" He also told me that about 95% of all guitar teachers just want your money.
Add me or I will eat your kitty!

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touche sir.
Practice, practice, and practice some more.

honestly, you can never be "too good"

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"The pickup isn't in your amp"

when i was a noob
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That $1000 guitar won't make you a better player!

im going to tell that to the kid in my bio class who said this to me (hes been playing a week) "when i have 1000 bucks, im gonna buy a gibson"

Ibanez Jem 777BK, Carvin DC727, Fender MIM Strat
Mesa Boogie DC5
Xotic BB Preamp, Ts9, BBE GS, Boss DD-6
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Morley Bad Horsie 2
Ask me any questions about my gear!
you managed to get a half hour show together in two days with a bass player who had only played with you once before. and so, with your first gig you did great. i think you have a future

from my dad
that meant alot

and the from the roadie at that same event
"i've seen alot of bands, and you guys were pretty damn good"
"There's no such thing as playing TOO loud.
If someone bugs you, just crank it louder and drown them out"

told by me to the awesome guitarist/salesman at Sam Ash who blasted the half stack i now own to 6 (this fudgin' thing is gig worthy at one...maybe not even!) in the store and just shred on the Alexi i own ^_^
someday....ill be like him and own a shi†load of ESP guitars and have an ESP tatoo....
"shut up and drink your beer, the more drunk you are, the less you can tell how ****ty your playing whilst in said state."

lol that was a good night that was lol
"Those knobs knobs in your guitar can't controll everything" or " you can't control everything with those knobs in your guitar"

...another guitarist at my first gig
---name pending?--

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No. Everybody dies. And one day, given that your relationship doesn't crash and burn like so many do, one of you will end up deep in sorrow while watching the other one die.

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Well, my friend - who's a guitarist - once explained some European history to me. I guess that's the smartest thing a guitarist has ever told me...
a very wise guitarist once said....

"D0od!!!!111!!!! U R TEH PWNZO0oO0orssszzz!!!!!

true story.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
"just cause its old, don't mean its worth anything."

"buying a signature guitar is like buying shaquille o'neils shoes, you can put on em your feet but it doesn't mean it'll work for YOU"

and lastly,

"being able to play 1000 notes per second doesn't mean anything if you can't write something that worth listening to."
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