I have a Kramer Focus 6000 guitar. I am looking to replace the original humbucker, it lacks bass and that creamy tone I am looking for. Can anyone recommend a decent humbucker with some bass and creamy tone. Mainly play blues and classic rock.
Budget and amp?

The Duncan '59 would do the trick pretty well, has a well defined bass and can get those creamy tones easily provided your amp is decent. Maybe look into the Seth Lover model as well.
Seymour Duncan '59 or the Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro are probably your best bets. Gibson Burstbuckers might do well too, but they cost a fair bit more and aren't everyone's cup of tea.

'Course it also depends on your amp, how you play, what you guitar is made of, your strings, the fretboard wood, what cables you use, your fingers...