title says it all. every magazine i buy has songs in it that have tremolo picking. but i cant figure out what it is, and i cant find any lesons on it. Help???????????????

picking single notes very fast

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so its basically like master of puppets all over again??? lol (song used as reference, i dont know if they actually used it in the song.)
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so its basically like master of puppets all over again??? lol (song used as reference, i dont know if they actually used it in the song.)
master of puppets=no trem, except if you want to do whammy harmonics on the 2nd solo

tremolo pucking is like 00:30 of eruption by van halen. it sounds like

-12-12-12-12-12-12-14-14-16-16-16, etc, but it really is

(?=trem picking)
-12(?)-14(?)-16(?), etc.

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alternate picking very fast
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i can't tremelo pick to save my life. It's beyond me for some reason. It's not a really common technique so i don't worry about it too much.
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Tremolo is a word not exclusive to guitar. Tremolo is the rapid repetition of ONE NOTE to create the illusion of sustain. Ergo, tremolo picking is the rapid repition of one note by picking extremely fast (creating the auditory illusion that you're not in fact tremolo picking).

Tremelo is a municipality in Italy.
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When I first started playing, I used to get confused between tremolo picking and using the trem whilst picking.
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Check out this vid:

The note that it seems like it has a endless sustain, is the one that is tremolo picked.
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