on the grand staff, the middle c ... what c is that on the guitar. Is that the standard c ... |0-3-2-0-1-0|? trying to make my first harmony
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Middle C on the guitar is the 3rd fret on your A String.
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and your question about a chord its just a certain voicing of that chord... for example you could play a C chord 3 other ways each would be a different voice...
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I believe the middle C is only reached on guitar when tuning down your E string 2 steps, o by pressing the first fret of the much rarer 7th string.


its first fret B string
On sheet music for pieces for the guitar, 3rd fret 5th string is noted as middle C. But the guitar is voiced one octave below the notation. So what is notated as middle C on guitar sheet music is actually C below middle C.
Middle c is the 3rd fret a string. Which is C4. And the C on the b string is C5 which is the one on the third space of treble clef. Middle C on the treble clef is the one right below the first line which is E.
|---\|_/-------------------------------------- |-||
| -0- <-- Middle C
This is going nowhere. several different responses so I'll add.
i'd say first fret b string. My reasoning? None! Except it sounds the same on my guitar and keyboard.