because I'm about to buy the pod xt live and I have heard if this new one... anyone knows something on the price range of this new one... thx
I think its $500. Not sure where I read that though. Google 'buy pod x3 live' and you'll see it already listed on some of the online music shops. I've been thinking of getting a new pedal and am seriously considering the x3. looks amazing!
I'm assuming the advantages over the XT are updated amp models/effects. I also read that you can create two seperate guitar rigs and play them both at once which is cool. There's also microphone inputs and a USB connection so that you can record from the guitar input or mic input to your computer.
If you can afford it, i would go with the x3. If not, wait until the x3 is out, then the XT should get cheaper :P
Thx a lot man I think I will wait for the x3 it's look like a very cool thing
The X3 looks a pretty smart unit. Will be interesting to see the price point when it comes out in Australia. Looks like something I'd like to get in a few months when I get back on my feet financially