Have an iPod Nano like no one elses. Custom Themes on it look great, and you can choose which one you would like. Pick almost anything and Its most likely possible.
It also has a Brushed Aluminum Back which is very cool looking and does not scratch as easily as stock iPods. The iPod itself is a 1st Generation Black 2GB. If you want I can keep my Music on it if you like. Comes with Headphones, USB Cable, 5 Rubber Apple Cases in diff. colors, and 1 Leather one.

$120 or Trade for Valve Jr, Vox Valvetronix or anything else you wanna offer.
you really wanna get rid of your MG don't you...
and that's not worth it, you can just install linux on your iPod and bassicaly play doom and have more fun, and you can do it on any iPod i think (except maybe the touch)
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I could install Linux on it if you want. But with Linux its a Pain in the Ass to use iTunes, and its really buggy.

This way it uses the orig iPod firmware, so it works just as good as a stock iPod.