okay im thinking of going solo for a bit and start a acoustic type band.

my self would be playing guitar and vocals.

im a big rock/metal/powerpop/pop punk/indie type person.

my influence are-
van halen, army of freshmen, the beatles, the who, foo fighters, underoath, my chemical romance and much more.

i am woundering what style of music you think acoustic music fits into


what makes people who start acoustic go big like for example:
James blunt, Matt Kearney, and such more artist these day's that played guitar and singed and now they just sing.
to answer second question, usually short simple catchy riffs
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Simple catchy 'riffs' and/or melodies.

Melodies are extremely important in the world of pop music. (Also over-production can help).

I do a lot of solo acoustic stuff just for fun, but then other times I just like to plug in and shout instead of sing.
Guitar and vocals need to have a lot going on, and you can't get into the usual 3/4 chord song and sit and sing whilst strumming one chord per line. You need to keep it interesting. Try to find artists who don't have a lot of support from other instruments for inspiration.

Recommended example :

Yay! Damien Rice. I've heard lots about him but I never really heard anything by him, and this has made me interested in him even more.

With acoustic music I feel there are three ways you can go. The first being using simple chords and writing truly brilliant lyrics (Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Prine, Johnny Cash). The second would be writing rather complicated guitar parts with simple or no lyrics (see Tommy Emmanuel).

The third way is a sort of hybrid which I would personally place Damien Rice, Jack Johnson and many others under.

Then again there is the fourth category which includes James Blunt and other such musicians who just basically write pop songs.