Hi im currently trying to learn a bit of blues guitar but i also love mucking around on my cheap electric. i have no experience with effect pedals and don't know what to get. i was looking at the Zoom G2 w/o wxpressionpedal for $150 online .i want a cheap one. on a budget of about $150 AU any advice would be appreciated.
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I've had both a Zoom and a Digitech multi-effects pedal (though not the ones you mention).
I use a Digitech GNX3 (which I think uses the same amp models and effect etc as the RP50) and you can get some great tones from it. It really surpasses the sounds I used to get from my old zoom pedal. Although the pedal was a cheap Zoom 505II, which is older than the GNX, so maybe Zoom have improved the models on their pedals?
by the way, if you're particularly interested in the delay effect, see if the pedals have a tap-tempo button, so you can change the tempo to suit you (by tapping your foot to the beat) rather than having to play along to a preset delay time. Solves a lot of problems if you're playing with a band
I would definetely recommend my Digitech GNX3, although I think it's way more than you need if you're just playing around. The Boss ME50 is a really good multi effects pedal you should have a look at. It works as if its a set of effects pedals so doesn't simulate amps (not a problem if you're pluggin into your guitar amplifier anyway) and has some brilliant tones and effects that in my opinion are more realistic than the Digitech ones. You may be able to pick it up second hand in your price range.
Boss actually just brought out the ME20, which is a more compact version of the ME50 and i think is cheaper. Not sure if the ME20 has the tap tempo thing though
i have both the rp50 and the G2.

G2 blows the rp50 out of the water.

edit: G2 has tap tempo as well as the 'fader' settings for delay/modulation
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