hey, I am composing a theme for this play for dance and drama, and was wondering, if the clarinet is in the key of Bb, then to play a D minor triad, youwould play (what they're notes are) a C minor triad?

Also, if somone could get me a website where I could write the notes down then print cause my handwriting and staffpaper doesn't work well....

thankx in advance
heres a little chart

if an instrument in in Bb, that means when it plays a written C, it actually sounds a Bb, or a full step lower than written.
So to convert from guitar/piano/whatever to clarinet you just move it a full step up.

D minor at concert pitch -> E minor on clarinet

for writing it in on the computer, theres a free cut down version of Finale available online (Finale Notepad) though it has a lot of limitations (i.e. you're not going to be able to write a score for a symphony orchestra with it)
no idea about Notepad but in the regular version you can just write everything at concert pitch then transpose it for the appropriate instrument later.
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