I wear what everybody else wears.

Doc Martens, black Leather, black jeans, moth eaten t shirts, spiked hair and a hat in the shape of a christmas turkey.
i wear alot of different kind of things from different cultures but i never think of it as uniforms.
i may wear a studded jacket, bondage pants, black pants, patched torn pants (all skinny and drainpipe btw), i wear S sized black t-shirts, vans and draven shoes.
but i've always have the ideology that punk isnt how you dress.
When did punk rock become a uniform?
I always thought uniforms were for the army.

I usually wear some jeans, a band shirt, and a pair of Converse.
blank tees, band tees, slim jeans when I'm feeling casual and skinny jeans when I'm feeling sexy.And for shoes I wear chucks or an old pair of diodoras
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And the facade of heterosexualism in the punk and ska forum came crashing down like a fat girl falling off a balcony...
Tshirts, jeans, and un punx nikes
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i kinda wish we all had a penis and vagina instead of buttholes

i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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I don't want to give myself over to a world of Regina Spektor, Van Gogh posters, and loud conversations about how wasted they got.
meh i think that standard punk uniform is complete crap.

i do wholeheartedly enjoy the Newsboy cap.

Oi! fans have a cool style.

but me, myself what i wear is not what i want, if i could choose what clothes i owned i'd look like if Bowie went grunge.
I dress like a normal person, just a bit more black

Black jumper, black jeans (it's harder to notice when they're dirty XD), band t-shirt. Occasionally, I wear my dads tr00 p0nx leather jacket. He got it in the 70s *-)
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I wear dressing gowns. You can never go wrong with one of them.

Abso-spliffing-lutely, dear boy.

Care for a smoke?

* Noel Coward reference for you there.
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Emma watson will be really jealous

Are you implying that My Mel B face would be pretty than Emma Watsons?
my jeans, my PF Flyers, a band tee my jacket and my scally cap

its pretty pUnX...
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CBGB wants to be famous like the others such as Green Day and Offspring. They don't want to be a underground punk band.