Hey.. I have a few questions, I think they're pretty basic but I don't really know much of anything.

First, I was wondering if anybody could simply outline to me the difference between overdrive pedals and distortion pedals. I just finally bought a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (I love the cleans), but the distorted sound is somewhat lacking. I use a Big Muff for fuzz and I like that sound, but I'm having some problems finding the kind of basic overdrive I'd like.

Is it true that overdrive pedals have a different effect on tube amps than distortion pedals? Right now I'm using a Marshall GV-2 for distortion but, now that I finally have a decent job, I'm ready to upgrade. The GV-2 was good for the price but I'm willing to dish out a bit more this time around. I'm looking for just a nice, classic rock vibe-ish, overdriven sound. If anybody could answer my question about the distortion/overdrive difference it'd be great. Also, if you could suggest me your favorite OD pedals and what kind of styles they sound good for, that'd also be great. Thanks a lot.
OD natuarally overdrives the amp to get that sweet smooth sound. Distortion pedals are pretty much just SS distortion. Some good ODs are any of the tubescreamers or the EHX English Muff'n to name acouple.

What do you play and whats your budget?
if you want the deville to be able to do metal, your gonna have to get a distortion pedal. Even though the tone of the deville is horrible for metal, but it does, jazz, and blues amazingly well.

But the drive channels on the deville more or less suck for anything more then a bluesy distortion, even with a OD pedal you'd be hard pressed to make it reach hardrock/metal levels. But i use a metal muff on my deville when I wanna play something dirty, and I love it by the way, but im hopefully getting a new amp in a week or so that can handle my high gain needs
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you can use the guv as an OD. turn the level/pedal volume /what ever control it uses for that all the way up, and set the rest of the controls to have as little impact as possible. if that's not enough gain you can start turning the distortion up a little bit.

over drive and distortion are interchangable terms, but usually with pedals if it's labeled as "distortion," it's going to have a significant amount of gain, and if it's called an overdrive, it'll have less gain, and probably much simpler circutry, although that's not always true. it's labeled a boost, or a pick up booster, it's like a volume. but really all three are the same thing to an extent.

make sure the amp is set to have a pushed sound, with the pre-amp tubes already near the saturation point. so, volume up.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm gonna tryout derek's idea today and see how that works. I'm not looking for any super heavy distortion by the way, just something with a kind of classic rock/punk vibe.