We have a guitar player/accident vocalist (me), and a drummer so far. We play in a style that's heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Mastodon, Pelican, and Electric Wizard. We're not looking for the best bass player in the world, but if you can keep a good groove and also play some Geezer-style fills when necessary, you're our man. Experience in songwriting/gigging or any other instruments is a plus. We have lots of influences ranging from death metal to fusion, and are very interested in experimenting.

If you don't have a 5-string bass, you'd need to be willing to at least tune down to B. Any experience singing is also a major plus, as I'm a crappy singer. You can contact us at andrewingraham@msn.com.

We also smoke a lot of weed. If drugs bother you, we can respect that, but if you're flat out opposed to them, don't apply. We're very motivated, working pretty much just to support our love of music. We hope to record a demo in the future, and try to land some gigs, eventually working to hopefully something full time. We prefer someone between the ages of 17-20.
Maybe U2 wouldn't suck so hard if they stopped preaching and started rocking instead. Of course, that's difficult to do with Pantera holding a near monopoly on all things that rock.
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(sorry for replying and not being helpful) damn I wish i could get out there. I love my Stoner Metal. Kyuss rules!