I have few pedals for sale that I've bought, tried out, and found didn't suit me.

Digitech Bad Monkey
First up, Digitech Bad Monkey. Read about it here if you don't already know about it: http://www.digitech.com/products/BadMonkey.htm

This one is basically new. I just bought a new amp, so I don't find myself needing OD pedals, which is why I'm selling it. Comes with box and papers.

Boss SD-1 Super Distortion
Next up, Boss SD-1. Read about this one here:

For those of you who care about the sort of thing, the serial number is LM06026, manufactured in March 1999. Excellent condition, very few dings on the side and overall really clean. No box or papers or anything.

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
Lastly, Boss CH-1. Read about 'er here.

Once again, for those who care, serial number CB14858, manufactured about February 1990. This one is actually in pretty good condition as well. Some dings but, for its age, not too bad. Has a custom yellow rate knob so when you're on stage you can easily find it (ok, ok when I bought it the knob wasn't original). This is the older version (obviously) that was still analog.

Make me an offer on any of them. I'll do paypal, money order, or check.
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$30.00 shiped on the boss ch-1 to 72903
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30 for the bad monkey or trade for a set of stock epi lp pickups (i have no idea if you'd want them but i need to get rid of them :P)
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will negotiate on that price^^ actually would quite like the bad monkey, pm me with a price you want.
"The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar"
- Jimi Hendrix
I'm interested in the chorus, how much would you sell it for and would you ship to the uk?
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If the deal with laparsons doesn't work out, i'm very interested in the Bad Monkey, and have cash on hand. I've got enough for a new one, but i'd rather have my money go to a fellow UGer.
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