This song fits in with a Punk Ska sound with influences from Big D and the Kids Table and Less than Jake. Ska is my favorite music cause of it's upbeat sound, and the personalities of some of the bands. And most of all, it's unique.

Turn It Up!

Turn It Up!
Cause the House isn't bouncing yet!
Turn It Up!
Neighbors are pissed, I Bet
Turn It Up,
Cause we like this tune,
We've been rocking this house from right now since noon.

I want my ears to be bleeding,
i want my brain to start receeding,
i want a mother****ing migraine
i want my parents to go insane

And when i get the calls saying
"That's Enough!"
I'll scream to the DJ, TURN IT UP!

Spoken During Horn Solo: What? you don't like my music? It's an acquried taste, we'll just have to keep playing it.