First off, hello, nice to be here at the forum. Secondly, I just bought some Fender vintage noiseless pickups, and they are being installed in my guitar right now. While the guitar is at the shop I figured I'd take the time to research what strings to go with, and what amp. I'm selling my half stack because its way too loud for my college apartment. I've been looking at getting either a Fender Blues Jr, and keeping my modulation pedal, or selling the modulation pedal, and getting a Vox ad30vt. Which one of these options would you guys recommend? Also I wanna know what strings to go with on my stratocaster to get that bluesy/classic rock sound out of the new pickups.

Thanks in advance for the help.
As for the strings any would do but keep them under .10's and I'd say shoot for the Vox ad30, great amp and you can turn down the power to keep the tone when you turn down power to lower the volume
A lot of people swear by higher string gauges on their Strats for bluesier tones. I switched from the stock 9s to 10s on mine and it actually did make a difference. It seems a little beefier now and I don't notice them being that much harder to play. Some people even like 12s and 13s but having never tried them I'm going to assume they're HARD on your fingers at that point. The higher the gauge the more tension they're under and as a result the harder you need to force them for bends and stuff. As for what difference in tone you get, I'm willing to bet it depends on the individual guitar. If it were me I would try what you use now with the pickups first and then change it so you can see if there's any noticeable difference. It's very possible that there may not be any at all or at least nothing more than a sidestep.
Thanks for the advice guys. I'm head deep in google reviews and so forth.
If you get heavier strings, ask the guy working on your guitar to work on the truss rod...nothing kills the enjoyment of playing like constant string buzzing.
Thanks again for the advice. I had some danelectro vintage tone lights on my strat a while back but I guess they're not in production anymore. Anyone know of a similar string to this.