Can u guys tell me some songs that use the D and G strings like Blink 182's Carousel
Schism -Tool
This Velvet Glove -RHCP

Are you just going for songs that are mainly up there in general, or ones that specifically have styles similar to Carousel (power chord based)

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don't forget me by the Chili Peppers. and a lot of other songs by them, Flea is an amazing bassist
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Play all your E and A songs one octave higher.
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wow i thaught this was kinda vunny theres probably like umpteen million different songs that have alot of d and g in them...... alot of iron maiden, like all of it, he plays it all up there so he can be heard i think

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i know there is a lot of songs that r power chord based but i meant stuff that kinda sounded like blink 182. thanx captain insano, i just learned man overboard and i already can play always.