so last night, i was up all night with a crazy fever, shivering/shaking violently with a massive headache and crazy bad cough. i seriously thought i might die. couldn't sleep all night, but this morning i was incredibly tired, skipped class and slept all day.

went to the health services at school later today, and the doctor said it's too early to tell from the blood work, but he's pretty sure i have mono.


but i was like, i havnt sucked face or drank after anyone really in quite a while, so i don't really know how i could have gotten mono...

but then i was doing some research today (on wikipedia of course)

Symptoms usually appear 1-2 months after infection

wtf!! 1-2 months!!!??

so yea i guess i know who i got it from...which sucks...cuz i already hate the bitch...she totally had me by the balls back then and basically took any semblance of manhood i had for probably the entire month of july this year. she had mono in like spring of this year, and apparently it could have still been in her system...
the fact that she's the one that gave it to me just makes it like 10000 times worse.

luckily, the doctor at the health center is AWESOME and gave me tons of crap to dope up on so i feel pretty good right now
Get her back by giving her herpes.
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You have drugs, you need no comfort.

i think i may run out soon...

no actually ur right i'm good.

i just saw that 2 out of 3 pill bottles have refills. so false alarm, i need no comfort.
Take an assload of pills, get ripped out of your mind and listen to This song:

don't watch the video, It' kind of gay... But still listen to the song.
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Pscha, I painted and roofed a house with a 105 degree fever and four hours of sleep. The fact that you didn't have to do that should be comfort enough. If not, look at it this way, if you die, you'll never have to do work again, so that's a definite plus. Or, think about this, the next time you get the stomach flu, you can puke all over her ass, and make her go through hell.
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