The song was a pretty fun sounding bouncing song, but it could be done better. The guitar tone was the horrid clean-electric-nothing that I hear so often on the sites and it was out of tune just enough to be annoying. The vocals were meh, but I can't comment on them much because I don't think I can sing much either. Also I don't know what happened with your recording software that made the song panned all the way to the left on both tracks, but what ever it is please fix it.

Crit mine?
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Thanks for the crits. It isn't panned to the left when I play it, but I have weird audio problems all the time, so I'm sorry about that. If I ever put more time into it, I'll probably distort and chorus the guitar, strip it down, and put synth on top, with fills and probably a synth line over the chorus. Drum and bass too of course. Like of Montreal or something, but less weird.