Well, I'm wondering, am I the only person that dislikes Halo?

I mean, it is a cash cow for Microsoft, they made a trilogy out of the game specifically to jack up profits, they never had an intention of ending the game, there will be a fourth, I don't know how the third ends, and it doesn't matter, a fourth will be cranked out. (I tried to find the video of the ending of the third, removed by Microsoft, probably because they know most Halo 3 sales will be to see the ending of the game).

I feel like it is not original, it looks to me like a cobbling together of other FPS's into one. A bit of Unreal here, a bit of Half-Life there, throw in some Goldeneye 64 and top it off with some Quake for good measure.

I dunno, I feel like a fish out of water because I don't buy into the Halo fad. Am I alone here?
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The book series has been out for quite a while...just so you know.

Besides, most people don't play for the story. The multiplayer gets much better each time.
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I played it for about a few minutes in harvey norman the other day....they all seem the same too me.

but then again, i've never been much of a halo nerd...so i wouldn't know. Although i do enjoy playing it with friends, excellent multiplayer game.