Lots of cool glitching on the drums midway, but the mixing and the sampled vocals.... not so great, whatever, still a quality tune. Its on my profile, so just click my name.

Pretty cool piece. I like the ambiance you maintain throughout the track, but the drums could be a little bassier, and not so trebbly. Aside from the percussion, the rest of the instrumentalism seems exactly as it should. I like the sparse vocal sampling you've got there, though, to be honest, I wish it was louder so I could hear what they were saying. =D

I like the chime instrument you used. The whirling atmosphere half way through was nice as well.

Overall, solid track, if not a little too unmemorable. Would be effective as an accompaniment to something, though.

Crit for crit? You can comment on The Bells of Moscow or Unit 731 in my profile.
Great track there, it really seemed like it could be made into a great hip-hop epic if you added the nesessary vocals and EQed the drums like yawn said. I love the changes throughout and how everything had smooth tranistions in and out. The voices were very interesting and a good addition to parts where it almost lost my attention. Good song overall although vocals would make it perfect.
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Crit as I listen:
Cool intro, I like the effects. It really feels like something is right around the corner
Those voices were really cool!
I like the part at 2.15
I like the mood in this song. Really chilled.
I agree with yawn, it's great, but a little too unmemorable.
But this is something I would like to listen to when I chill out.
Great job!

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I love how the voices just sort of walk in. I agree with whoever said the drums should be bassier. They're pretty good now, but a little more bass would make this feel more full. This is fun to listen to and definitely great chill music.
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thats pretty aweosme dude, did you use fruity loops? teh bass drum on some of the other songs sounds alot lik the ones of fruity loops

Nope, I use Logic Express 7(.2???)

The kick drum was sampled frommmm...... I think it was a skullsnaps break, that's my usual kick.
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Like the cool effects at the start, and the ambient background noise.
Drums sound pretty good also. It gets really good when the voice comes in. Where is it from? I like it man, the bass is cool also . Maybe add a bit of bass to the drums.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=10389359#post10389359

I dunno where it came from, I just had the sample lying around in my vocals folder, and I needed some vocally stuff.