ok so here is how it goes, this is a classroom, and the teacher mentioned God. I think it is hard to get so here is the set up:

Student #1
Student #2
Confused Thinker #1
Confused Thinker #2
Holy Spirit

We Are All Humans. We Would All Kill For Food. [OTS]

“Take your seats gentlemen
And let the class begin.

We will begin the lesson with-
Young man, stop chewing that gum.
It is prohibited in my classroom!”

“As I was saying, this won’t take long.
Stop bickering, and sit up straight.
I would damn you all to hell.
If that wouldn’t be Christians tale.”

“So just relax as I speak words.
It is HIStory not YOURstory.
Of course, it is in favor of Him.
But does it really matter?
If not, then it is sin.”

“For now.
Later, time will permit.
And then it will just,
Be frowned upon.”

YOU! Will Ascend.”

Wow! This makes no sense

“Faith is key.
Where is the sympathy?
For the only time I see,
Is when I should less believe.”

“Am I wrong for this?
To see him, as me?
In my times of need.
Forget till the verge of end?”

“To hell, you will not be sent”

“Simple as that, right?”

Wait, this is out of my sight.”

What is right to believe?
You or philosophy.

Is it really this hard to see?

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little confused with what ur trying to do with the colors like is this for a video or wat?. but other than that i like. crit mine? its my siggy
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Did you even read it? That was pretty much the worst and least useful comment I've ever seen. And I'm sorry but the piece did nothing for me, I don't think the dialogue was very realistic and the message was garbled. The structure was interesting but yeah, same again. It didn't help your cause.

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