Ok so i have a marshall avt20 i thought it would be a good idea because it only cost me about 110 bucks...needless to say its not very good. I play punk/"pop- punk"/alternative rock....basically blink182/boxcar racer all the way up RHCP. It sounds ok sometimes.
First question does any one have any experiance w/ modding these things?
Second q is should i just sell it and buy a Crate V8 Palemino. Also will the crate be able to give out some good punk tone?Rock tone?Blues tone?

Thanks guys.

Also i play a epi les paul junior w/ locking grover tuners and a gibson dirty fingers pickup.
The Crate sounds perfect for that. Plus it will own the AVT in every way possible (it might be just a touch quieter though). The V16 Palomino is even better though.

As for modding an AVT, I don't think so. It's a typical solid state amp, with all kinds of crazy circuits and such in it. It's not worth it.