iono where this should be posted so im posting here?

anyways.. ipod troubles.. apparently theres a 160 gb or sometihng.. and my 80 is filled and ive deleted 10 gb to make room already.. i cant figure it out, but is there anyway to transfer that music to another ipod perhaps?
I don't get your question. Do you have 180 gigs of music? What I understood is that you filled up your 80 gig iPod and then deleted 10 gigs. Now, what do you want to transfer, and to where?
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why do u need 180GB of music? i only have like 850 songs and im fine with it
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why do u need 180GB of music? i only have like 850 songs and im fine with it

He has more than 850 songs. He needs it.
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im not sure. i heard of a program once before. try googling it.
You kinda need to fix your sentence structure there...

I don't really think you can do like a direct iPod-to-iPod transfer, just computer-to-iPod transfer, if that's what you mean.
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you can transfer it to your computer by exploring the ipod folders when hidden files are shown then go to control then music ... then after a while you get to loads of folders called f1 f2 f3 f4 etc... you copy those into your computer all the songs will b named things like ASDF HUGF HAGA like that but when you put em in itunes they'll ge their names back (at least for me it did but not for all of the lesser known bands though) then from that itunes you get to new ipod
i don't know if theres an easier way to do it but this way has worked for me
a program called "ipod agent" can transfer songs from your old ipod to your computer.

Import the files into itunes.

Send them to your new ipod.

Problem solved?