Hey ive been playing electric since feb this year , i use a godin sd , no effects and an amp.

I can play stairway to heaven solo and currently learning comfortably numb , sweet child o mine solos but i didnt sound as smooth when i recorded myself...

how do i play smoother or is it my tone
really the only way to play smoother is to practice stuff over and over until it's muscle memory.
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a good way to play smoother is to get the solos nailed slowly. and the best way to do this is using guitar pro. it took me forever to find a copy of it that i could use but if you happen to find one on the net or get it off a friend it really helps by playing along with the tab at a slower pace. also if your tone is realll sharp. maybe lay of the trebble a bit and give it a bit of gain. distortion fixes everything. but not to much.
Could be your tone too, if your tone is too sharp or bright, it wound sound smooth like the Comfortbaly numb solo. Fiddle around.
i can play stairway to heaven solo note for note with the hammers and pull offs but still not as smooth as i want it
Practice, practice, practice...

and practice some more.

Try practicing in total darkness. You'll improve, I promise. You'll get to know the neck really well and with still more practice your playing will smooth out and be much more accurate.

I rarely practice in total darkness any more, but I do quite often play with my eyes closed or looking around at anything but the guitar. Onstage too.

Whether you practice in the dark or not, lots and lots of practice and playing without looking at your fingers will make a definite improvement.
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