I have a question about the position of the picking hand. Do any of you guys here rest the pinkey on the body when playing small solos etc? Is it considered as a bad technique to do so? I havent read anywhere where it says it is wrong, but none that have recommended it either.

Also i havnt had any lessons, so im not exactly sure about this..

Thanks in advance
Is called anchoring
Why are there so many threads about it?
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i do it when i play. i'm self taught and have just found it comfortable to do. i dont think its bad technique because i've seen a fair few people do it.
^There are a lot of people who do it, but it is still considered a bat habit. As ryan nias said, theres a ton of threads on this topic already, just do a search n im sure youll find the answers youre lookin for.
I wouldn't call it a bad habit. I anchor my ring and pinky when playing lead, and usually stop anchoring when playing rhythm. Michael Angelo Batio does it, and if he can play lightning fast (and he does!) then its not a bad habit. Just do a search on him on youtube and watch him anchoring and shredding your brains out, even if you don't like his music, he still shreds! But most important of all, if YOU feel comfortable doing it, then do it.
its not a bad habit...its just a habit...its the same with people who dont anchor their pinkies or fingers on the body...all a matter of preference...
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Michael Angelo Batio does it, and if he can play lightning fast (and he does!) then its not a bad habit.

It's because you don't understand why, when you're *developing* your picking
technique, it is most definitely a bad habit. Its ultimately about arm control.
When you compare Batio, who undoubtably has excellent arm control, to you,
who probably doesn't, you're making a completley invalid comparison.

Once you have the control, it doesn't matter so much. Anchoring is a crutch
for circumventing learning the control, because at first it isn't as comortable
until you gain the skill through practice. So you anchor to steady your hand and
it all seems nice and comfy, except it will have ramifications when you attempt
more demanding playing.
Because most people do. Especially if they've been anchoring (which really means
using the guitar to steady your hand to pick accurately). Its not impossible to learn
the control with anchoring, just harder.

I have no idea what your playing is like. But I can list about 5 things off the top
of my head about why the "Because so and so does it must be ok", is such an
incredibly weak argument. Everyone loves to use it.