Okay, so me and a mate of mine are going shopping next week for my first guitar and effects processor (I've got a lot of stuff at home that can work as amps). We've been talking about it for a while and he recommended me the aforementioned two processors. From what I've read on UG, V-AMP has more effects, but is more expensive and has a nasty delay when changing presets. So, which one should I choose?
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i would go for the g2.1u coz i have the g2 and g1 and i jus love using the g2. It has some really nice sounding effects and it is really easy to use
I'd go for the Zoom however the default patches are really really poor, I think you can download better ones from websites (can't think off the top of my head but google will have the answers) Overall the Zoom has far greater quality than the Behringer.
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