ok i just bought a reallllly nice guitar i plugged it started playing its fine dont get me wrong i just have a few questions

1.) when i plug it in to my effects pedal (its distortion, i also have an electric guitar) it make wierd WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sound lol i know its probably not meant to be plugged into effects pedals for electric guitars but whats the reason behind this and how do i get rid of it for any later use

2.) also with the effects pedal if i leave a cable in it, its allways on untill i unplug the cable is that the same with the guitar if because of the battery inside it... or is that allways on or somthing?

please help thankies muchy
That woo sound is called feedback, to get rid of it face the guitar away from the amp.

If you leave a cable plugged in your guitar it will drain the battery, i dont see why you cant just take it out =]
^yup, it's mild feedback. Sometimes facing a different direction will work but sometimes it won't. If you have a "reallllly nice" electro acoustic then there will be a notch filter on the guitars preamp. Sometimes it's labled notch, or filter, or feedback, or anti feedback. They are all the same thing. They way a notch filter works is it lets you tune into the frequency that it causing feedback and then you can filter that frequency out as much as you need to untill you don't get feedback anymore. If your guitar doesn't have a notch filter then you might want to get another preamp for your guitar.
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ok thats kool ty fer the info alllssoooo one other thing i fergot to ask, the battery is on the inside of my guitar how do i change it? because it says something about PUSH with an arrow and i dont wonna rip it to shreds or anythin lol plesae help :S i htink its runin low
Sounds like you're describing feedback, quite a problem with acoustics at high volume and hollow body electrics as well. You can get a sound hole plug at music stores pretty cheap and they work well, but I'm not sure for distortion, I never use distortion on my acoustic, a bit of delay is all I want for effects, but onstage I have to use the rubber sound hole plug to stop feedback.

Yes, the battery will run down if you leave a cord plugged in, same as distortion and other pedals it's designed with a cutoff jack that cuts power to the battery when unplugged, to save battery life. The battery in my Takamine has been going strong for 3 years, I only plug it in onstage though, and haven't done much of that for about a year now. The plate labeled "Push" should do just that, push in to open it. You shouldn't have any problems damaging anything, it's designed to open the battery compartment so you can easily change it, same as any portable CD player or digital camera. Many also have a battery test button, if the light comes on the battery is still good. You probably have to have a cord plugged in for it to work, my Takamine does.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...