I did search, but found nothing relevant. Basically, I'm looking for a genuine Fender 3 saddle Tele bridge, so anyone know where I can get one in the UK? I want chrome saddles as well though... not brass! Also, how difficult would it be to install and set up the new bridge??


EDIT: Also, would I get any added benefits other than my Tele looking much better with the new bridge??
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Yeah I saw that earlier, its not a genuine Fender, it's nameless.

Any advances on my other questions anyone?
Ah right, You hadn't put genuine fender when i put that.

I dont think gen fender ones come with chrome saddles too.
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Whats wrong about it? The saddles will not allow you to intonate each string individually so... how would it intonate correctly. I know you may be able to get it close but you wont get it right on.

Think about it for just a minute ... Fender USA and Fender Japan won't continue to sell it or stand behind the quality of hundreds of thousands sold and about to be sold if there's something major and inherently wrong with the vintage 3 saddle bridge.

I also have a couple and none have problems with intonation.

Some bigtime Telecaster players won't touch Teles that have six saddles. They say the three saddle version just sounds better to them. Something to ponder.
^ More mass.

Intonation is never 100% perfect anyways. I've never really worried about it that much, unless the intonation is terribly off.
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So do you actually get a better sound? I also heard somewhere that the sustain is better with 3 saddle bridges.. true or not?
The Cadillac of three saddle after-market Tele bridges: http://www.callahamguitars.com/brdge_T.htm

These things get some rave reviews in the Fender Forum. There are also some people who claim it didn't make much of a difference. I guess your mileage may vary.

The general consensus usually is more mass = more sustain. That's why the Callaham replacement blocks for MIM Strats have been popular. The 2006 upgrade of the MIM Strat had a beefier block too which was supposed to give it more sustain.
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I understand that the Fender Tele's sustain is due to the stringthrough vs. the topload of the typical Squier Tele.

Purists insist on Brass vs. Steel or Chrome saddles but my ear isn't that sensitive enough to discern the differences in tone.

Also, some prefer the treble bleed on the volume roll-off vs. replacing the capacitors so you don't lose the treble when you roll down the volume. I say it's all preferences.