heres the deal

i have an audition with a very ambitious (and going places) rock band on wednesday. yesterday (friday) my korg AX3000g dies on me . i dont know whats wrong with it. ive done absolutely everything to rule out the possibility of it being anything but the effects pedal. when i hit the strings, nothing comes out. when i hit the strings hard i get a very short burst of a "blubby buzzy" sound, which dies out after less than a second. has anyone every had any trouble like this before? if so, is it ****ed or is it something that can be sorted? ive not fried anything inside have i?

if it cannot be sorted between now and wednesday, is there anything that i should look at that will get me through and not let me down, but not cost more than around £70/£80 ($140/$160) used.

by the way, i dont have anyone who i could borrow one off for the night either.

really really need help here guys, thanks for anyone who can.

EDIT: the warranty ran out 4 months ago
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This may seem a little too obvious but you never know: have you checked the power source? Batteries, power lead? if it's either of those you could just go and pick another up, but more than that I don't know.
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check your cables, they tend to screw you a large majority of the time.
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ive ruled out leads/guitar/amp etc etc, it can only be the pedal.

to the other poster, its powering up fine, no troubles there at all.
I an not a multi-effects fan but I was favorably impressed by some of the lower-end Zoom products It would be worth trying one. To me they sound much better than Digitech but I'm not sure they would quite measure up to the Korg (haven't played one.) Whatever you get you want to have at least a few days to get used to it. Don't worry so much about effects. If you are a good player let it shine. Have confidence and good luck.