^Topic. I just realized how annoying it is to have an FR equipped guitar when playing some metal tunes. Damn down tuning. >_>

I got mine at E standard most of the time.
I've had mine in E standard, dropped D, dropped C, open Dm...
Erm... My Jem is at E standard and my NJ Warlock is drop D.
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my ibanez is at E sandard....but the FR is starting to annoy me, so im buying another guitar ! probally a ESP X-plorer, les paul gibson, ESP eclipse, or a PRS 22 custom.
I have my Ibanez RG in E standard, i just think for that sort of lead/shredy sort of stuff it sounds much better in that, although if i'm riffing on a thicker sounding guitar such as my LP i quite like to go to D standard, but thats the lowest i'll go
I keep it in E standard. I'm considering buying a hardtail for alternate tunings, though.
One is in drop D

and other other is in drop C

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D standard, once it's set up
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That's why seven string FR own.
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E flat on all of them.
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e, and my legra at eb.
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Got my 7string downtuned a whole step (low to high: A-D-G-C-F-A-D) and use 11-58 gauge strings.
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i've got mine in drop c, my other guitar(non floyd) is in drop d so i can easily change to standard
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I have my main axe in D (no, not drop D), as this is the tuning we use in our band

Besides that I use standard tuning on my other guitars, sometimes i experiment a little with tuning for heavy riffs and I find that drop A is the ****!
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