Ok so i downloaded the no-cd crack and i dont know how to get it working and no i didnt download it just im on a laptop and i sometime kit the button which opens up the disc drive and its really annoying

Thanks to anyone who helps

EDIT: Just read my 2nd post, sorry bout the retard post
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Well ill make it easier to understand :P

I downloaded a no-cd crack for the sims 2 university cause i hate putting to cd in basically. But the problem is i dont know where to put it to make it work.

So can anyone help? or do i have to join some computer forum cause i dont wunna do that
Whoops i just re-read my first post and relized it doesnt make sense O.o well just read my 2nd post
Put the no-crack file into your game directory.

Y'know, MyComputer/etc etc

Then in the Sims directory put the file in and over-write the game icon

If that doesn't make sence tell me
Try going to "TSBin" in Hard drive > Programs > EA Games > The Sims 2 University and put it there.
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copy the .exe to run the game, and make a backup of it.

Then put the no-cd .exe in the folder with the original, they should be the same file except for a slight difference in filesize. replace the original .exe with the no-cd crack and voila!


you go into my computer, program files, then find your game file, which would be sims 2 university blah blah, then paste it in there, ifit says overwrite.replace files click yes, if no you probably did it wrong
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