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ive been wanting a marshall dsl for a good while now and i now have the money for it. but, out of almost nowhere, my bandmate bought one.... i'm now unsure if i should still get the dsl or get something different for a more versitile sound.

would having 2 of the same amp in a band take away from that "big" sound that everyone loves? maybe it will add a tightness to the sound that would be cool stuff, i dont know, would someone please share their know-how?

thanks much
It;s fine - you might have two identical amps but you've got two different guitarists with different EQ settings, different styles and different guitars playing different parts.
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its fine. or out do him and get a vintage jtm45 or somethign else vintage
6L6 amps compliment EL34 amps pretty well, maybe consider something with 6L6s?
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Radiohead all use Vox AC30s most of the time, but think of the variety of sounds the different guitars produce. You will probably have to work on the EQs a bit though, if you have similar pedals, pickups and EQs, the sounds might blend too much.
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6L6 amps compliment EL34 amps pretty well, maybe consider something with 6L6s?

can't he just get the dsl anyway and switch to tubes [to 6l6] or is it only with some amps like the windsor studio that can be compatible with difrnt kinds of tubes?
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Yeah, if you're both generic guitarists bashing power chords it'll sound like ****, but if you both are good players with developed styles it should be fine.
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