ok, i checked in the search bar and nothing came up on the first two pages. if its been done before tell me and i'll remove it. same goes if its the wrong forum (im on a warning you see)

ok, now i understand that neck profiles ie d shaped an dc shaped etc describe the type of neck that the guitar has, but i dont understand what they actually equate to. eg d could be anything from wide and thick to thin and not very curved.

any help would be appreciated.
C shaped looks like a C

D shaped looks like a D

And V shaped looks like a V

(I think)

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The V is more of an angular U
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Yah, that is a great post pinback..

Everytime I see that V it makes me cringe, because it reminds me of Dean Razorbacks.. which are supposedly "designed for shred" and such, but have the most uncomfortable neck (imo) for that style.
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how does clapton play with that neck, it looks painful
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+1. This man knows his ****.

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With a V profile neck, you usually play with your thumb on the upper half, and your palm cradles the V profile.

great for bending/vibrato, but the more "efficient" way of playing with your thumb in the middle (which is usually considered better for more technical styles) is really inhibited.
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that '57 Clapton V is bull****. it's not like that. he uses soft V.
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