does anyone know of any good priced, delay pedals?

I'm looking to get one, but i dont want to spend alot cause im not really sure how much i will use it.

I've been looking a and EHX memory man, ive already heard one of these...my friend has one, it sounds pretty cool, and its got echo and chorus, so has anyone had/know anything about this one?
you want a good priced memory man? those are like $250-$300, I say get a Boss DD3, great pedal
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the one you're thinking of is the deluxe memory man. it's about $315USD new. i forgot how much they go for used on ebay.

you could look into the stereo memory man if you don't want the chorus and vibrato i believe. it's quite a bit cheaper.
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you want a good priced memory man? those are like $250-$300, I say get a Boss DD3, great pedal

oh no, im willing to spend on a memory man, cause i know they are quite good.
Yeah, I have a Deluxe Memory Man and I can wholeheartedly recomend them to you.
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Deluxe Memory Man; but if you want to spend less, the Digitech Digidelay is supposedly pretty good bang for buck (better than Boss, at least).
I've got a Deluxe Memory Man, beautiful pedal.
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