I recently purchased the line 6 toneport ux2 and i really like it, however im having one horrible, horrible problem, everytime i use the headphone jack, it sometimes distorts at random, it makes no difference what volume the headphones are set at, even when its whisper quiet, it just turns into this really loud fuzzy distortion that reminds me a bit of the old dial up sound... does anyone have any idea why this happens ? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
I have the toneport ux1. at times i get a little bit of distortion and have to turn off some of the effects being used from gearbox, usually the reverb, and it helps. Otherwise im not sure, you might have to send it back in for a new one.
i have the toneport UX1 and i have the same problem... ive found that the best thing to do to get rid of the constant "hissing" is to turn on the noise gate. the only thing to that though is that it does kinda half ass your tone. the hissing is increasingly worse with gain and distortion as to be expected, and the same goes for effects. if anyone has any ideas please inform... maybe i shouldnt have been so cheap in buying the second cheapest one (at that time).

try to see if any of this helps http://line6.com/support/entry.jspa?externalID=4282&categoryID=98
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