The main first position chords are the ones I am most familiar with, such as G,C,D,E,A, Am, all those within the first 3 frets or so. Anyways, Since I've known those chords I have come up with alot of finger picking, classical sounding music. Yet I don't know many picking patterns and chord variations of those. What is some good advice for this problem? and what is a set of new chords I can learn that can be thrown together nicely?

Also, if you know any good songs, strumming, or picking for acoustic would be nice, I like alot of Godsmack like "voices" "asleep" "hollow" etc. those are my taste in strumming, picking, anything from Simon and Garfunkel to Tommy emmanuel.
idk if you'll like this or not but i know the chords and a pretty cool strum for ''hey there delilah''
A technique I really like with those dominant chords you mentioned is to form the chord like usual with your fretting hand, and just pick the top 3 strings alternatley (Or up and down) Then throw in the 4th string and back to the 3rd.
The D chord for example pick string 4-3-2-3-4-3-2-3-4-3-2-1-2.
Also when strumming a chord try experimenting with lifting a finger on your fretting hand and opening the string for a few beats, then just fret the chord as usual for a few beats.
D - open the 1 string, G - open the 5 string, C - open the 4 string...etc.
Play around with it hope that helps.
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I'd advise you to buy a chord chart and try putting different chords together