Ok last night was the Velvet Revolver and Alice In Chains show here in houston , we got overthere areound 4 o clock walked around and what not and the opening band got on at 7 , they blew. I had been txting a number all night trying to get into the VIP , then AIC gets on ****ING AMAZING and at around 8 15 , I get a message saying I get to meet AIC!!! It was insane , they signed some **** and we took some pics. Coolest rockers i've seen in awhile , down to earth having fun , talking to us. He gave me advice on my band and even went as far as to joke and say oh hell yea 2012 we'll open for you guys no doubt lol. Velvet Revolver where INSANITY , Slash was so amazing its not even funny.
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Badreligionrock is the man.

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Awesome, in it's true meaning.

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I envy you this so much. Seriously, that must've been so kick ass!
I feel so happy for you. i dont know why
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Thats all I got for now , they are e mailing us some pics later today!

uhhh......whats so great about a band having a picture of their signatures?
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