You have no idea how much I feel like just dropping out of this English class just to get out of writing this paper.......(but it's my last required English class so thats good...)

4-5 page research paper on environmental pollution

Thing is I can never figure out what to write about and so I'm turning to UG...
What type of environmental pollution should I type a report about?

This has to be real facts here...I was supposed to have this half done by now too but as always I don't want to write this and I'm being lazy on the work........

To top it all off, I know very little about environmental pollution so it will be loads of work in the library and online looking up sources.
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light pollution?
how lighting screws up the night sky for astronomers and such
the actual effectiveness of floodnights for deterring crime around buildings and such
how much power is being wasted

or the effect of chernobyl on the enviroment
Write about the flawed thinking behind using biofuels. everyone thinks they are going to be much better for the environment but in reality the amount of carbon generated in the growing process is pretty high plus it will lead to huge amount of land reducing the supply of food.
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I think you could find a lot of info regarding fuel additives such as MTBE and the impact they have in places like Louisiana which is where they were primarily produced. Rolling Stone magazine would be a good place to look for sources as well. Rolling Stone often seems to provide stories about such topics that the mainstream media shys away from.
4-5 pages really isn't bad especially considering it's research so be sure to use a lot of quotes....less actual thinking and writing on your part.