I, can proudly say I CANT!!!!! wow it feels so weird when my nails aren't cut playing guitar. I get this weird dry feeling on the fretboard. you guys?
I can't play with to long finger nails, it ****s my fretting up

But long finger nails are gay anyways
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I can't play with to long finger nails, it ****s my fretting up

But long finger nails are gay anyways

What about classical guitarist?




I try to grow them on my pickin' hand but always break them leading to me exclaiming "aw **** I broke a nail" which leads to much derision from those around me.
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I can't play at all with them remotely long, it's so much better when they're dead short.
I can, no problem, but I feel afraid of scratching the fretboard.
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No way. Not even for guitar purposes. I just feel filthy with long nails.
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The nails in my right hand are long. I cut the ones on the left hand though.
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What about classical guitarist?

Ok, they look gay on a person playing an electric guitar while headbanging.
...And the worms ate into his brain.
Not with my fretting hand.
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I don't think I'd be able to play some of the solos for my band with short nails.

There are points in them where I use my nails to pick the strings right below the fret while my pick is busy somewhere else.
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I can, but I don't want to. I keep my fingernails extremly short. Soon I won't have any nails left on my fretting hand o_O
If there is one thing that has ever annoyed me, it was when a girl in my music-class complained about not getting the notes on the guitar to ring out propally. I told her she should cut her riddicuously long finger nails but she refused and said that she would do anything exept that.

Anyways I hate long nails against fretboard, but I tend to keep my right hands nail at medium length, it helps when fingerpicking.
I can't play classical or acoustic as well with my picking nails short.
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I'm really screwed up when it comes to things like that. I can probably play with fingernails but I don't want to dent the fretboard or damage it in any way. Usually I'm over-careful with my guitars for awhile.
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