who is your favourite guitarist who played with Ozzy Osbourne. Tony Iommi, Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, or Zakk Wylde. Ive been pondering my favourite for a while!
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Randy Rhoads. Zack Wylde sucks.He records his solos and syncs to them in concerts.And his crazy train is awful.Tony Lommi is interesting to listen to,though,and Jake E. Lee is ok.
Iommi all the way!
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Not a huge fan of Ozzy, but it would be Rhoads. Zakk Wylde & Iommi are in close 2nd tied though.
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Tom Morello and Mike Einziger, both unique and scintillating.

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Hi tom
derek trucks

HE HAS ABSOLUTLY NOTHING TO DO WITH OZZY... but his my favorite guitarist sooo...
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Iommi 4 ever... i mean... whe created metal. what else do ya want? he might neverhave done things like "crazy train" but dammit he has POWERFUL riffs, and his solos aint dog poop either; wawr pigs, fairies wear boots = LAW
Rhoads by far. Wylde is good but kinda gets old sometimes. I would agree with sashki that lee is one of the most underrated guitarists of all time, I almost think he's better than Wylde. As for Iommi, I've tried to get into his stuff but for me personally I don't like his sound. It just kinda bores me. He's a great talent though and one of the fathers of metal.
I love Hendrix's stuff when he was with Band of Gypsys, otherwise I'd probably have to say SRV or Eric Johnson.