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I think you should just kill him. Rappers ruin music. >_>

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haha and rap is?

technically, no, rap (the vocals) is generally monotone.

hip hop (the music) can be melodic. but it also might not be. it all depends on what song you are listening to, and i can guarantee you havent heard every hiphop song there is, so stfu with your sweeping general statement bashing a whole genre without know **** all about it.

stop sniping at eachother.

and anyway metal is SUCH a broad genre, you have some incredibly melodic stuff, but you also have atonal dirges. IT ALL JUST DEPENDS. to imply that there is no melodic metal is just as stupid (possibly moreso) than the people who assume that rappers only ever talk about bitches and bling.

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--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------