ok so i started with a Fender STARcaster, which arent made any more because the a piece of ..... i got my money back all 175 dollars of it, plus they let me keep the strap, picks, stand, and amp (which i dont use). i already got a new amp a Peavey Blazer which i thought was good for its price (about 70 dollars). so with near around 180 dollars im looking for a new beginner-some what better then beginner guitar. the reason im not gonna spend alot of money is because im just a beginner and if i lose interest i wont be s.o.l. not to metion spending 20 bucks a week on just gas. ive heard bad things about the fender squire so i most likely wont get one.

im looking for a guitar thats good for a lower price range. ive looked around and fomund some guitars i like but i dont know if there good or not. if u cant post what ur first guitar was and how u liked it that would be great. or u can give a suggestion to me (please be more helpful and dont just say "try a ibanez") all help is greatly thanked.
My first guitar was a Harmony false Strat. Not a real strat, not a real Harmony. But a real piece of ****.

After that I got the SG Special I have now. Price was good. Guitar is playable, nay, enjoyable. I still play it.
I have a Harmony Les Paul knockoff that my grandfather had, and now the goldtop.
Two volume controls is win, and I prefer LPs anyway.
Check out the entry-level Les Pauls... even the Specials, the Juniors, that sort of thing.
I'm a Gibson/Epiphone fanboy though... so...
Just go to a guitar store and play a few guitars and see what you like.
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What do you want to play?
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I think Ibanez GAX 30:s are great starter guitars, easy to play, good neck and great value for the price.
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Beginner guitar?

Well: Squier affinity strat
Epiphone SG
Yamaha Pafifica
Used Fender Mexican strat
Used epiphone les paul

These are all going around the same price range which should be under £200.
wow that alot of guitar i just got back and i really dont like the ibanez GAX30 only one i looked at though
epi sg or les paul
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I think Ibanez GAX 30:s are great starter guitars, easy to play, good neck and great value for the price.

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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
Go with the Yamaha Pacifica as Horlicks recommends. Its a surprisingly good quality guitar for the price. Got a good easy to play neck too. Won't shred your fingers.