i want to get started in shredding, but i don't know where to start. I want to shred in pentatonics, so it sounds sorta like a bluesy shred, but i dont know how. can someone help?
Well, a good place to start would be learning some licks from other guys who shred in pentatonics such as Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, etc... and in addition to that, work exercises with a metrenome so you can get your playing up to their speed.
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i cant seem to find any lessons for zakk wylde i have only found one and i cant learn much from it because all he does is play fast licks and expect you to learn
Shredding IS fast - if you can't pick out Zakk Wyldes stuff then to be honest you aren't ready to start "shredding" yet. Just concentrate on developing your technique and developing your ear...you can't just "decide" you want to start shredding, you need to already be a pretty competent guitarist before you can even consider it.
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^ Exactly. Shredding is HARD if your still a beginner. You'd be better off going over and over the pentatonics SLOWLY before you even attempt to shred, otherwise it will just be a mess. Start real slow on the metronome and gradually increase your speed.
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