Me and my friend are looking too learn some tabs together, We are looking for some good tabs to build up speed playing. I am Advanced Intermediate, or thereabouts. My friend is Intemediate. We are specifically looking to song that include speed playing as we wish to eventually learn to play Through the Fire and Flames.

Any help is appreciated
The Willing Well 1 by Coheed and Cambria is a good tab like that. might not be incredibly fast, but is still good for practicing weaving guitar parts. Its not too hard, and should be good practice.
any iron maiden

some early metalica off ride the lighting and kill em al should be good to
like creeping death I think

whatever anything with harmony parts

newer bands bullet for my valentine and trivium are both good
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Isn't Iron maiden 3 guitars?

Thanks for the ideas... Bullet I checked but couldn't be botehred to change the tuning, We're gonna try The Willing Well 1 and Dying in your arms atm... any more ideas welcome.